Key Connections: Understanding Changes from the Old to New Testament

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Changes from the Old to New Testament

Excerpts from Key Connections: Understanding the Changes from the Old to New Testament (WIpf & Stock, Dec. 2023):


  Major Changes from the Old to New Testament:
The Unfolding of God’s Plan


 "Exploring the changes from the Old to New Testament provides an open window to the wide-ranging vision of God’s work in the human race. It is actually a remarkable vision, which stretches from the beginning of the universe to the end of time as we know it. In between these vast stretches of time, we find the human story." (2023, 1).


"When we look at the massive plan of God to redeem the human race, it is crucial to focus on the challenges that God has faced in bringing these purposes forward. How does one deal with the ongoing tendency of human beings to follow their own self-serving desires? How does one deal with a rebellious world? It’s easy to speak in lofty generalities or suggest philosophical musings about the situation, but God was going to get directly involved with human failings. He was going to get his hands dirty (so to speak) because of the difficulties of human corruption and self-will. God would speak to people at their level, to lead them towards
his ultimate purposes." (2023, 1-2)


"Many aspects of the Old Testament are difficult for people to understand today. The ancient origins of the Old Testament (OT) explain part of the difficulty. The OT was written thousands of years ago, in cultures and time periods very different from our own. These vast differences in culture make many practices in the OT seem strange. Even in comparison with the New Testament (NT) writings, there are many aspects of the ancient Old Testament that are quite different. Understanding and making sense of these changes from the OT to NT is one of the key purposes of this book."  (2023, 2)



 Excerpts taken from:

Key Connections: Understanding the Changes from the Old to New Testament by M. A. Erickson (Wipf & Stock, Dec. 2023).

 The book is available in print or Kindle formats at the following Amazon link:, Key Connections:Understanding the Changes from the Old to New Testament













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